Athletic Teams


The LMYB Athletic Team Program is a program intended to provide a more competitive level of play for players that want to play at a higher level.


LMYB forms Athletic Teams for 3rd through 6th grade boys and girls.  Annually, prior to registration, LMYB holds tryouts for the Athletic Teams Programs.  There are three levels within the Athletic Team Program – A, B and C and the number of teams formed will be dependent upon the number and skill level of the participants who participate in the tryout process. Athletic Teams will play against other Athletic Teams throughout the city within CPYBL’s league.  The season is a 10-11 week season and there will typically be two practices per week and two games per weekend with an end-of-season tournament.


This program is intended to develop players in preparation for playing at the Little Miami School District level.  Players who are selected for and participate on an Athletic Team are expected to be 100% committed to that team. It is the Athletic Team Coach’s discretion to make a recommendation the LMYB board for removal of the player from the roster if there is not satisfactory commitment from that individual to his/her team.  Should dismissal be granted by the LMYB board that individual will be removed from the roster with no refund of his/her registration fees.


The Athletic Team tryout process may vary from year-to year, but generally a Skills Tryout will be performed in order to narrow the landscape of potential Athletic Team players who will then participate in a Live Tryout.

All tryout results will be posted on our Facebook page. Results will not be listed by player name, players will be identifiable only by their tryout number. Players will be given a 2-4 day window to register as an Athletic Team player, which will serve as confirmation that the player is accepting a roster spot on an Athletic Team

Tryout participants who are not selected for an Athletic Team are encouraged to register to play in LMYB’s Recreation Team Program. Please see the Recreation Team Program page for more information.


Should a player be selected for an Athletic Team, players will be given a 2-4 day window to register as an Athletic Team player. The Athletic Team registration fee includes practice times, uniforms, ref fees and league fees. Athletic Team fees do not include a shooting shirt.  Shooting shirts can be purchased separately through our uniform vendor for a fee.