LMYB Recreation Team Program

The LMYB Recreation Team Program is a program intended to provide a fun and instructional environment for players who do not make an Athletic Team or choose not to tryout for an Athletic Team.

About the LMYB Recreation Team Program

LMYB forms Instructional Teams for 2nd graders and Recreation Teams for 3rd through 12th grade boys and girls at two levels – Recreation and High Recreation.  After the Athletic Team tryout process, the LMYB board will form rosters for both Recreation and High Recreation Teams.  High Recreation Teams are often formed by players who just missed the cutoff for making LMYB Athletic Teams or the Little Miami School District Teams for grades 7-12.  Recreation Teams are formed based on a couple criteria.  Those criteria are prioritized in the following manner:

  1. Rosters are formed based the organization’s needs – to balance teams
  2. Rosters are primarily based on teams that were already formed from the previous year
  3. Parent and player requests to play with another player or for a specific coach
  4. Coach requests to have certain players on their team

Recreation Teams will play against other Recreation Teams within CPYBL’s league and they are usually within the same geographic area as Little Miami.  The season is a 10-11 week season and there will typically be two practices per week for grades 2-8 (one practice per week for grades 9-12) and one game per weekend with an end-of-season tournament.  There is an option for a 20-game schedule for Recreation and High Recreation Teams as well for an additional fee.

Recreation Team Fees

The Recreation Team registration fee for the 2019-2020 season is $175 for a 10-game schedule or $225 for a 20-game schedule and those fees include practice times, uniforms, ref fees and league fees. There will be two registration windows for Recreation Teams:

  1. 2nd-6th grade registration – which will occur after the Athletic Team tryout process
  2. 7th-12th grade registration – which will occur after the Little Miami School District Basketball tryout process

Recreation Team fees do not include a shooting shirt.  Shooting shirts can be purchased separately through our uniform vendor for a fee.